Breeder: Mrs H Lilico Tel: 01670 512194

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Thendara Kramer


Scotselaw Detroit Spinner By Thendara JW
Sh Ch Thendara The Tourist
(BOB Crufts 2001)
Sh Ch Thendara Kennedy
(BOB Crufts 2000)
Bardonhill Eeny Meeny Of Thendara
(BOS Crufts 92)

Scotselaw Choco Holic
Covarney Chocolate Mousse
Scotselaw Hollywood Madam

Thendara Miss Dior


SH,CHThendara Don Corleone

Scarletti Smooth Criminal

Greer Paige of Thendara

Thendara Miss Selfridge

SH.CH.Thendara Kennedy

Thendara Love Letter

Glencarron Golden Shimmer



Fernstart Irish Red

Sh Ch Shenanagin Some Might Say Its Bardonhill Sh Ch Thendara Kennedy
Sh Ch Fetteresk Take That To Shenanagin

Fernstart Irish Melody

Fireconductor At Fearnley

Fearnley Firemelody of Fernstart

Glencarron Red Hot Salsa

Sh Ch Covarney Monello

Sh Ch Thandara Just Lookin At Stourford

Covarney California Dream

Glencarron Dimple

Strathmead Storm Boots

Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Fearnley At Glencarron

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