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Breed Health & Conservation Plan HERE

The BLOAT Survey has been launched!!

This survey not only covers bloat but also includes questions relating to other health problems. It would be helpful if a response was received from every Irish Setter owner even if all their dogs are healthy.
You should have received a letter if you own KC registered Irish Setters. If you have not received one, please contact the AHT (see below).

If you have a letter please (i) complete the survey online for your own dogs.
(ii) pass on the information to the new owners of dogs you no longer have, along with the dog’s ID, and encourage them to respond.
(iii) If you cannot complete the survey online contact the research assistant at the AHT for a paper copy (see telephone number below).

If you have not received your letter, telephone 0844 4633 980 FREE to obtain your Personal ID for access to the online survey.
For further information about the study and how to take part either
• Visit the web-site
• Or email
• Or telephone the Research Assistant on 01638 555624

The closing date for the completion of the survey is November 30th 2013.

Now that the Breed Clubs and the Irish Red Setter Rescue Charitable Trust have raised the money for this research, please help us make it a huge success with a fantastic response rate. It is the greatest hope we have so far of discovering whether genetics contributes significantly to this dangerous disease.

Health Seminars
The date and location for general canine health seminars can be found on the Kennel Club web-site.