North East of England Irish Setter Club




 1.        Name

          The Club shall be called:- The North East of England Irish Setter Club

 2.        Objects

a.      To maintain the quality and standard of the Irish Setter.

b.     To encourage breeders to adopt the "Standard".

c.     To encourage and advise on the raising of sound healthy stock and
 welfare thereof.

d. To promote friendship, understanding and goodwill within the breed.

e. To hold Shows under Kennel Club Rules.

 3.         Officers, Committee and members

The Club shall consist of a President and/or Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee of twelve and an unlimited number of associates. A Vice-Chairman shall be elected from the body of the Committee. In the event of the long term absence or resignation of an elected Official, a Substitute Official will be appointed from the Committee to hold office until the return of said official, or until the post is filled by   election at the following A.G.M.

 4.         Committee

The management of the Club shall be in the hands of a Committee consisting of twelve members, of whom at least six shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election. The President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be ex-officio member of the Committee. Officers of the Club shall not preside longer than twelve months without standing for re-election. Meetings of the Committee shall be held as often as may be deemed necessary and the President or Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer and four Committee members shall form a quorum for the transaction of business. No associate members shall be eligible for election as an officer or Committee member. A Committee member not attending three scheduled meetings during the year shall resign at the next Annual General Meeting and not seek re-election for one year. All members, except officials may enter and handle dogs at this Club's shows.. No person whilst an undischarged bankrupt may serve on the Committee of or hold any other office or appointment within the Club.

 5.    Membership

The liability of a member shall be limited to his annual subscription. Associate members shall have no voting rights. The Club must make a list of members and their addresses available for inspection if so requested by members of the Club or by the Kennel Club.

 6.    Subscriptions

The financial year shall commence on Ist January and end on 31st. December. The annual subscription to the Club shall be £4.50 single, £6.00 joint £2.50 Senior Citizen and 50p associates, payable in advance on the 1st. January in each year. The subscription of a member admitted after the 1st. December shall cover a period up to the end of the following year. No member shall be permitted to vote, or compete for any cups or trophies offered for or by the Club or in any way whatsoever enjoy the privileges of membership, until his or her current subscriptions and/or outstanding amounts due to the Club have been paid.

The payment of the subscription shall be deemed an acknowledgement that the member will abide by the rules of the Club.

Any member whose subscription shall remain unpaid for more than one calendar month after it is due shall cease to be a member of the Club or Committee.

 7.    Club Property

The property of the Club shall be vested in the Committee and in the event of the Club ceasing to exist, a General Meeting shall be called to decide the disposal of any assets

 8.    Expulsion of Members

Any member who shall be suspended under Kennel Club Rule A42j(4) and/or any member whose dog(s) is/are disqualified under Kennel Club Rule A42j(8) shall ipso facto cease to be a Member of the Club for the duration of the suspension and or disqualification.

If the conduct of any Member shall, in the opinion of the Committee of the Club be injurious or likely to be injurious to the character or interests of the Club, the Committee of the Club may, at a meeting the notice convening which includes as an object the consideration of the conduct of the Member, determine that a Special General Meeting of the Club shall be called for the purpose of passing a resolution to expel him/her.

Notice of the Special General Meeting shall be sent to the accused Member, giving particulars of the complaint and advising the place, date and hour of the Meeting that he/she may attend and offer an explanation. If at the Meeting a resolution to expel is passed by a two-thirds majority of the Members present and voting, his/her name shall forthwith be erased from the list of members, and he/she shall thereupon cease for all purposes to be a Member of the Club except that he/she may, within two calendar months from the date of such Meeting, appeal to the Kennel Club upon and subject to such condition as the Kennel Club may impose.

 9.         General Meeting

The notice of the Annual General Meeting, Committee Report and amended Club Rules shall be circulated to members by 1st. December The Balance Sheet, proposed rule changes and agenda items shall be circulated to members in early January.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held after 1st February and before 31st.t April as and when convenient, for the following purposes:-

To receive the report of the Committee and Balance Sheet, to elect Officers and to discuss any resolution duly placed on the agenda, of which prior notice has been given to the Hon. Secretary.

Any member wishing to amend one or more of the Club rules at a future date shall give the Secretary notice of such amendment, in writing, one month prior to the Annual General Meeting at which such amendment is brought forward.

The election of the Officers and Committee Members at the Annual General Meeting shall be by ballot of those eligible members present at the meeting.

A special General Meeting shall be summoned by the Hon. Secretary if ten members send a signed requisition stating the subject to be discussed, no business other than the matter on the agenda can be discussed at a Special General Meeting.

The rules of the Society shall not be altered except at a General Meeting or Special General Meeting Any alterations to the rules shall not be brought into force until the Kennel Club has been advised and given its approval of the alterations.

In the absence of the President or Chairman when the meeting proceeds for business, the meeting shall elect a Chairman for the duration of the meeting.

No business shall be transacted at any General Meeting unless a quorum is present when the meeting proceeds for business A quorum shall be 6 members

 10.    Club Accounts

That a Bank Account be opened, in the name of the Society, into which all revenue of the Society shall be paid and from which withdrawal shall only be made on the signature of the Treasurer, together with that of the Secretary or Chairman. The accounts shall be kept by the Treasurer and Auditors shall be appointed by the body of the Annual General Meeting who shall audit the Society's Accounts for the ensuing year before the Annual General Meeting.

A minimum of 10% of the clubs annual profits should be set aside in a fund for research into hereditary problems in Irish Setters 

 11.    Kennel Club, the Final Court of Appeal

The Kennel Club shall be the Final Court of Appeal in all matters of dispute.

 12.    The Society shall not join any Federation of Societies of Clubs.

 13.    Annual Returns to the Kennel Club

The Officers acknowledge that during the month of January each year, maintenance of title fee will be forwarded to the Kennel Club by the Secretary for continuance of Registration and that by the 31st. July each year other returns, as stipulated in Kennel Club Regulations for the Registration and Maintenance of Title of Registered Societies Branches of Registered Societies and Breed Councils will be forwarded to the Kennel Club.

The Officers also acknowledge their duty to inform the Kennel Club of any changes of Secretary of the Club which may occur during the course of the year

 14.   Kennel Club

The Society must send a list of members and their addresses and those of           branch  members where appropriate, to the Kennel Club with their Annual     Returns and, if so requested, make an up date list of members available for     inspection by the  Society or by the Kennel Club.

 15.   Inherited Diseases

 Members shall comply with the terms of the codes of practice in relation to

PRA  and CLAD agreed between the Breed Clubs, and with The Kennel Club, designed to identify, control and /or eliminate these conditions. Such compliance will include the publication of the results of the DNA tests.