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Breed Notes - Christine Morgan


I’m sure most of you will by now have seen the new CC allocation model for 2024 onwards. Irish Setters fall into Stage 10 with an average entry of 137.85 over the 5 year period 2015-19 which means that they will have 26 sets of tickets with up to 17 sets available for Breed Club shows. The full allocation to clubs and general and group championship shows using the new model is expected to be announced during the first quarter of 2021.
This means that a Club could run two Championship shows in a year but there will be no extra dates available for the second show so they would need to be run back to back with an existing Championship Show for example.
Another announcement was about the capping of entries at shows during the Pandemic. Regulations F(4)a and F(4)b have been relaxed in the first instance until 31 July 2021 to allow entries to be capped. In making the recommendation, the Show Executive Committee pointed out that the capping of entries was not mandatory, but is an option along with other arrangements such as confirmed start times for breeds so that exhibitors do not have to wait around for their judging and can then leave the venue once their judging is complete. It should be noted that publication of schedules may need to be delayed to ensure the most up-to-date information is available including the method used for capping the entry.
More details about both announcements can be found on the KC Website


Last Saturday we would have been at Midland Counties under Gill Dale (Aubanjon). Gill’s last appointment was for Bitches at the ISBC in 2017. Her CC winner was Brabrook Boom Shakalaka and RCC was Gwendariff Whata Wynjill.
In 2013 she judged both sexes at Three Counties and gave the Dog CC to Brabrook Flash Harry at Montgreenan, RDCC to Kedalita The Merry Tiler, Bitch CC to Neathamill Isabella at Clonageera and RBCC to Riverman Beat The Boys.
Gill judged the bitches only at East of England in 2010 and awarded the CC to Severnvale Sheer Heaven and the RCC to Carnbargus Contemplation JW Her first appointment was in 2006 at Bath for dogs only when Kylenoe Crystal Bear won the CC and Astrazone Special Brew won the Reserve.


I was sorry to hear of the passing of Tony Dines who was for many years Treasurer of the ISBC Rescue Scheme. His funeral will be held on Thursday the 29th October 2020 in Coventry but under the current Pandemic rules I imagine that attendance will be restricted. In the 1970s and 80s Tony and his wife Carol showed and bred Irish under the Chartley affix which was mostly Brackenfield based. I can’t see that either of them gave tickets nor can I find a CC or RCC winner bred by them but I know that they loved their Irish and were great supporters of the breed. They bred a bitch called Chartley Red Rascal who was the dam of Pat Butler-Holley’s Paulsmay Nerissa of Shandwick aka Kerry of ‘Kerry come’ fame. (see notes 12th October 2020).
Kerry’s sire was Emmafield Burn; he was by Emmafield Red Boy (Sh Ch Raycroft Callboy x Raycroft Briar) out of Sh Ch Emmafield Aubanjon Adventuress who was bred by Gill Dale’s father Aubrey Petty. Tony always attended the ISBC AGM when his booming voice and calls of ‘point of order Mr Chairman’ resounded through the room.  


I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Bev and Tony Drinkwater’s daughter Rachel after a short stay in hospital. Her funeral will take place at Hereford Crematorium at 9:00 am on 29th October. I send my heartfelt condolences to Bev and Tony and her children. And another sad email arrived from Stephanie and Stephen Wood: “We are writing to say we have lost our beautiful boy Ranger this week. We miss him terribly; our world has been turned upside down. The house is empty without him. He was a dog in a million, kind, sweet, loving, faithful, always there. He made us so proud and we were blessed to have him, and will never be forgotten. We miss him every minute of every day and will never forget all the special things he did that made him Ranger. He will be forever in our hearts and minds. Reddins Falcon 1 CC 2 res CC's ShCM
6th Jan 2009 - 20th Oct 2020”

“Memories... images and precious thoughts that shall not die and cannot be destroyed.”

  • William Wordsworth

Recently Laura Kolbach was the judge for Brittanies, English Setters and Irish Setters at the "virtual online Championship Dog Show" on Facebook. She writes: “There were 36 Irish entries, 33 English and 1 Brittany  - shame the show wasn't advertised for a longer time before the entries closed, many people only got to know about it afterwards. The judge was kept a secret as were the names of the dogs. Judging was harder than one would think, I spent hours looking at the photos, and was determined to do just that: to look at photos of the dogs and judge based on what I could see - not relying on background knowledge and real-life experiences of them - as I obviously recognised most of the Irish Setters entered. A general observation of mine was that people need to be careful about what photos they submit to online shows as I found that some pictures didn’t do the dogs justice at all - and hence had to pay the price. Of course, results could be different at a real show with hands on and seeing them move!
My winners were:
Virtual DCC: Lynwood Hocus Pocus At Settesoli owned by Joy Russell
Virtual DRCC: Clannrua Chestnut Jun Ch owned by Carmel Murphy
Virtual BCC: Sh Ch Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW owned by Richard Bott, Anthony Allen and Angela Morgan
Virtual BRCC: Sh Ch Quensha Tumble And Twirl JW owned by Richard Bott, Anthony Allen and Angela Morgan
Virtual BPIB: Forfarian Mind Yer Manners owned by Kay Donnelly
Virtual BVIB and also BOB was the bitch CC winner, Paige, Sh Ch Bardonhill Please Don't Tease Quensha JW. Best of luck in the finals!”
Very well done to all the winners and to Laura for taking on this task.
Laura messaged me this morning to say that the English Setter went Group 3, the Irish was Veteran Group 3 and the English Setter puppy went Puppy Group 2.


Continuing the ‘T’ Litter theme, Sh Ch Twoacres Troilus was the most famous and successful of them all. In his show career he won 21 CCs, 15 RCCs, BIS at Belfast 1971 and 3 Gundog Groups.
He sired 43 litters which included 6 Show Champions and many CC, RCC and Stud Book number winners.
He was mated twice to Sh Ch Cornevon Primrose, the first of these producing Sh Ch Cornevon Stargem and Lux Ch Cornevon Starlight. ‘Gem’ was owned and shown by Joy Harte and won 9 CCs and 3 RCCs. His first was in 1974 at Windsor from Olwen Hunt with the RCC being Sh Ch Barnsforde Winston.
His second was two years later at Crufts from L C James, Sh Ch Cornevon Lovebird was RCC, and his third came later that year at SCCA from Helen Hay, Sh Ch Cornevon Mercury took the RCC.
I remember Gem being a handful to show and eventually he had to be shown on a chain because by the time he had moved round the ring he would have chewed through his webbing lead.
Also in this first litter was Cornevon Stargazer (1 CC, 2 RCC), Cornevon Starkissed Of Cribbarth (1 CC, 3 RCC) and Cornevon Star Spangle (1 CC, 2 RCCs)
Troy’s second mating to C. Primrose was to make history through Cornevon Tamarind whose litter to Wynjill Country Woodland produced Cornevon Spring Melody, the dam of Night Fever.
Another bitch that Troy mated twice was Sh Ch Morningstar Melanie owned by Barbara Birch. In the first litter was Sh Ch Moyna Mister O'Hara and in the second was Sh Ch Moyna Michelle. Another from this litter, Moyna Miss Mandy won a RCC.
Sh Ch Shanell Lerouge was his son from Shama Of Shanell and was bred Mrs M McCartney and owned by Mrs C L Rose. He won 3 CCs from Joe Braddon, Alec Dodman and Margaret Cordwell, plus 3 RCCs. He sired Val Lockhart’s Sh Ch Chetruda Della Of Coleraine and was the Great-Great Grandfather of Sh Ch Starchelle Chicago Bear and Sh Ch Starchelle The Blue Angel.
Biddy Evans used Troy 3 times on her Wendover Bonnie and produced Sh Ch Goldings Joss Cambier (3 CCs, 1 RCC) from the first litter and Goldings Lola from the second litter, she won 2 RCCs. Yvette Edwards was his owner and handler.
Sh Ch Skymist Wild Storm owned and bred by Mrs K Goodwin was the result of Troy’s mating to Skymist Raver and won 3 CCs and 3 RCCs. A litter brother, Skymist Wild Wind, won a RCC.


A Little Mate Story from 20 October 1990.
On the eve of our wedding MLM and Dave come to the rehearsal. Before they go home I give them their corsages. The next day she arrives at my house in a panic.
MLM: You know those corsages you gave us? Well Dave thought them so lovely that he put them in water
Me: But they’re silk flowers.
MLM: I found that out when I tried to dry them off with the hairdryer and they flew into the air in a cloud of petals and leaves......
Me: BTW where’s the photographer? Have you picked her up?
MLM (as she rushes out of the door): I’ll be back soon……..

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