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Breed Notes - Christine Morgan

W/C 12TH APRIL 2021


Last Saturday should have been the Irish Setter Club of Scotland Championship show with Russell Mosedale judging the breed for the first time.

Bournemouth entries are open on the Higham Press website. There are 20 classes for Irish plus a mixed Special Beginners class. The classification is Minor Puppy, Puppy, Junior, Yearling, Novice, Graduate, Post Grad, Limit, Open and Veteran.
Gundog day is Saturday, 14th August. Postal entries close Friday, 2nd July and online close 12 noon Friday, 16th July.
David Hemmings is the appointed judge, he last judged at NEEISC in 2018 when he did the bitches. His CC winner was Sh Ch Thendara Chasing Boys to Sumaric and RCC Sh Ch Gwendariff Coco Nut Cream. He last judged dogs at GBAS in 2015 and gave the CC to Sh Ch Wynjill Well I Am and RCC to Sh Ch Thendara Pot Noodle.


Entries for Southern Counties can now be made on the Fosse Data website. There are 24 classes for Irish Setters, 12 each for dogs and bitches. The classification is Minor Puppy, Puppy, Junior, Yearling, Maiden, Graduate, Post Grad, Limit, Open, Special Beginners, Veteran and Good Citizens. Gundog Day is Saturday, 26th June and postal entries close Thursday, 18th May, online closes Thursday, 20th May. Lee Cox (Vanitonia) is judging the breed for the first time at this level although he is no stranger to handing out those green cards. Lee gives CCs in 11 gundog breeds, judges the Gundog Group, Toy Group, Utility Group and Best in Show.   It was so good to write all that!


Continuing the influence of Wendover Game on our breed his son, Sh Ch Cornevon Prince Charming out of Cornevon Snowbunting, sired 16 litters, numerous ticket and Stud Book entrants, one South African and four UK Show Champions.
In 1970 Val Page used Charm on her Orichalc Juneberry and kept a dog, Orichalc Alchymist. He won his first ticket in 1974 from Gilbert Leighton-Boyce at ISAE and Norleigh Brandy was Reserve to him. Eleanor Scott-Gentles gave him his second at ISBC the following year and he was made up at WKC by Mr P Crowley. Reserves to him were Fearnley Firerocket and Sh Ch Timadon Kendel. Janice Roberts used Prince Charming seven times. His matings to his half-sister, Sh Ch C. Primrose (Star), were very successful. The coefficient of these matings (25.2%) would be frowned upon today but they certainly produced type.
The first pairing in 1971 produced the ‘Love’ litter. Alister Watt was a long haired young man when he bought his first show Irish Setter who became Sh Ch C. Lovebird. Alister struck a memorable pose in his tank tops, flared jeans and platform soled shoes. Alister’s first Irish, Merlin, was also from Janice, a litter brother to Sh Ch C. Mercury, born September 1970. Tragically he died on New Years Day 1971 aged just over three months old; the vet had failed to diagnose leptospirosis. A neighbour kept pigeons and it was thought that rats attracted to the pigeon loft had infected the area.


Janice had a litter shortly after this and so C. Lovebird, aka Scott, went to live with Alister and his parents.

Scott’s first show was the ISCS Open Show in 1971 held at the Bridge of Allen Town Hall. Being a poor student Alister set off by train into Glasgow, changed stations and took another train to his destination. The journey time was over two hours. Pat Rhodes was the judge and Scott was fourth out of four! But they were undeterred.
Lovebird was 19 months old when he won his first CC at Dumfries in 1972. It must have been a tremendous occasion because Reserve to him was the famous Sh Ch Twoacres Troilus who had already won 15 CCs; this was his 13th RCC. Eleanor Scott-Gentles was the judge and this her first CC appointment. The Bitch CC winner that day was Scott’s dam, Sh Ch C. Primrose, taking her 17th CC. RCC was Trawicka Golden Ambition. Des McGarry awarded him his second CC at East of England in 1973; Troilus was again Reserve. Brenda Howe made him up at Leicester and she gave the RCC to Rifleman of Ronnetta.
Scott went on to win 15 CCs and 10 RCCs, sired five Show Champions, five CC winners and over 40 Championship Show first prize winners. He won the Mars Stud Dog Trophy in 1977 and 1978 and
was twice runner up. In 1974 he was Top Irish Setter even though he attended only nine shows and in 1975 he won BIS at the first Setter and Pointer Championship show since 1947. Pat Rhodes judged Scott again as an adult and gave him the CC and BOB. Alister reminded her that she was the first person to judge him. She remembered and said ‘Ah yes, you did everything except stand on each other’s heads that day’.
Lovebird’s sister was Cornevon Love Story. She was owned by Brian and Carol Clarkson from Essex and she too was their first (and probably only) show dog winning 3 CCs and 3 RCCs.
Her first CC was at Darlington in 1974 under Ernie Froggatt. Wistavon Wanda won the first of her two RCCs. It was a Cornevon double again that day with her brother Lovebird taking his 8th CC.
At Windsor the following year Joan Anderson on her debut appointment gave her her second with Sh Ch Wendover Happy Go Lucky taking the RCC. She was made up later that year at East of England by Barbara Birch. Sh Ch Moval Bronze Model was Reserve. I can’t see that she ever had a litter.
The second litter from Charm and Star produced Sh Ch Cornevon Westerhuy's Dream owned by Willy Duijnkerke in partnership with Janice. Dream sired 30 litters and won 3 CCs and 7 RCCs.
Owen Jenkins gave him his first at SWKA in 1977; Audrey Harper his second at Driffield in 1978 and Mrs P. J. Robertson titled him at Bournemouth in 1979. Stephenshill Justin, Emmafield Double Dutch and Segantii Saybleu took the Reserves.
A litter brother to Dream was SA Ch Cornevon Dreamer of Oakdale owned by Bridget & Mark Simpson of Western Cape, South Africa and a litter sister was Brian and Mary Gurney’s Cornevon Dreamgirl. She won one CC from L C James at Border Union in 1980 and a remarkable 7 RCCs all behind different bitches.  Sh Ch Fearnley Firegem was Reserve behind her at B.U.
Cornevon Jupiter was another CC winning son of Charm’s. He was owned by Beryl Lincoln and won one CC from I Parsons at Bath in 1970 when Musbury Mustard won the RCC. He also won two RCCs both from Bill Rasbridge, the first at Darlington 1970 behind Troilus and the second in 1971 behind Highcray Swagman.
Tinkersred Romeo was by Charm out of Katach Kolumbine (Sh Ch Wendover Gentleman ex Cornevon Christmas Carol) and owned and bred by Val Whitehead. He won one CC from Joy Tonkyn in 1977 at East of England. Sh Ch Wendover Colas won the RCC.

Marion Sweeney owned Cornevon Lucky Charm whose dam was Sh Ch Cornevon Violet; Janice gave her the RCC, her only such award, at SWKA in 1976 when she awarded the CC to Wendover Debutante.
Cornevon Diamond owned by Pat Turner won his way into the Stud Book and Mr & Mrs Childs of Southsea owned another Charm son, Wingars Reality, who gained his Stud Book number.


This week’s freezing cold weather reminded me of this story:
A Little Mate story from New York February 2015
It's Sunday night and NYC has the lowest temperatures on record described as brutally and viciously cold, so we decide to walk up to Times Square. We hop from Starbucks to Starbucks trying to keep warm and then find a bar. After a few drinks we decide to walk back to our hotel and it's even colder. Bear in mind that MLM doesn't drink. As we're hurrying along the street with our heads down against the vicious wind MLM is suddenly yanked backwards and I see her patting something and apologising profusely.
Me: What are you doing?!!!
MLM: I've just bumped into this child and nearly knocked her over
Me: It's a statue of a fairy
Only she is short enough for the statue's out stretched arms to get caught in her collar!

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